The Life of Moses: Biblical Character

What comes to your mind when you think of Story of Moses? – Ten Commandments, the Law, Red Sea… This bible study gives overview of life story of Moses.

Life of Moses: His Life Span

  • Moses – meaning ‘I drew him out of the water’. (Exodus 2:10)
  • After Joseph, there was no communication from God for 400 years and then came Moses. (Joseph in the Bible– Character study)
  • Similarly, After Malachi, there was 400 years silence. Then Jesus came.
  • Moses was type of Christ. He delivered Israel from the slavery of Egypt, Christ delivered Mankind from slavery of Sin.
  • Moses was the first to DO miracles.
  • He was the first mediator between God and men and in that sense, he was Prophet.
  • In his childhood, he got teaching about his Israelite roots and his people from her mother. (Ex 2:7-10, Ex 2:11, Acts 7:23, Hebrew 11:24)
  • He has got the best training in Egypt’s palace. He has a mastery of all.
  • There after, he spent 40 years in wilderness! (Ex 2:15) (check out, Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness)
  • God had prepared him both for dealing with Pharaoh in palace and with Israelites in wilderness.
  • Moses represent the Law. He made one mistake and that cost him not to enter promise land. (Numbers 20:9-12) In essence, it reminds us, that by Law, we cannot make it to the Promise Land!
  • He led 2 million people in wilderness, who often grumble against him and God. If you would like to understand, how Jesus intercede for us to God in spite of our iniquities, we should understand how Moses interceded for the Israel. (Ex 32:31-32, Ex 33:12-16)
  • On the mountain of Transformation, Jesus was with Elijah and Moses. Moses presents law, and Elijah represents the prophets, so Jesus was in perfect harmony with law and prophets. (Matthew 17:3-5, Luke 9:29)

Moses as Unique, Chosen Person:

  • His Time was Unique.
  • His Teaching was Unique.
  • His Tests were Unique.
  • His Treasures were Unique.

Moses as Type of Christ:

  • Divinely chosen
  • Rejected by his people (Ex 2:13-14)
  • Turned to Gentiles (Ex 2:15)
  • Married to gentile bride (Ex 2:21)
  • Returned to his people and accepted
  • Delivered his people from the slavery of Egypt
  • Led his people to the Promise land
  • (Check out, Joseph, as Type of Christ)

God’s testimony for Moses: (Deut 34:10-12)

  • No prophet like him in Israel
  • He knew the Lord face to face! (Ex 33:11)
  • Life of Faith (Hebrew 11:24-28)


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