Proverbs – Characteristics of Wise Man

wisdom bible proverbs

Bible Study Lesson:

Proverbs 12: 1-28

What are the characteristics of wise man according to Proverbs 12?

  • Ready to accept criticism
  • Ready to admit correction
  • His plans are just
  • Built his house on rock, strong foundation
  • He cares for the needs of his animals!
  • Knows how to escape from trouble
  • Ready to listen to advice
  • He overlooks the insult
  • His testimonies are true – Trustworthy
  • His speech brings healing
  • Joy in his heart
  • Keeps his knowledge to himself!
  • Diligent
  • Disciplined
  • He is cautious in his friendship
  • His ways lead to life and immortality

Ask yourself following questions, and think of any situations in which you acted in certain ways.

  • How do I react to criticism? (Positive or negative)
  • Do I admit mistakes and accept corrections?
  • How do I plan my daily activities? (Keep it to last moment!)
  • What is the basis or motivation of my actions? (Why do I do what I do?)
  • Do I take counsel for important decisions?
  • How do I react to insult?
  • Am I trustworthy to others?
  • How do I make friends?
  • Am I a good administrator of my time? (Diligence and Discipline)
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—Amit Christian (BibleSEO Editor)



  1. Laure says

    I have just discovered this online Bible study this morning and I have enjoyed this and wouldn’t stop because of these great messages or lessons I have received.

  2. Paulus Trimanto Wibowo says

    Thank you for the helpful and wonderful outline of Bible teachings. God bless you for your special ministry.

  3. Josephine says

    :) It seems I needed this very much. I am going through a very difficult time with my just turned 18 yr old son. We both need to stop and really pay attention to this. I know I stand corrected. Thanks for this!

  4. sanjay m says

    All massages of you gives suports to my needy life. Through your massage I always feel the presenc of The Lord. Thank you

  5. Carl says

    This is an outstanding biblical outline. I hope to use it at the upcoming mens Bible study at the church. Thanks and God Bless!

  6. Jope Naucabalavu says

    I just discovered this website this afternoon/evening – Many thanks and may God bless you all.

  7. Mccord Christine Buthelezi says

    Thank you for for sharing I have learned a lot and I am willing to change my ways. I want to be wise.

  8. says

    the book of proverbs is always one of the best books to read if you want to be wise.Greats words.Thanks for sharing and stay blessed

  9. MMmmm Mary Jo says

    Wisdom, correction and taking corrective criticism is sometimes hard but sometime to get where God wants us to be, we have close our eyes and accept it so that we can grow. Without wisdom we will be defeated without knowledge we will not understand the word of God.
    thanks for this study it will helps stand…
    Mary Jo

  10. Jennie says

    Corrective criticism keeps us closer to God when we realize what is right and wrong in our walk with God. The Holy Spirit will guide us with wisdom and knowledge of life choices when we let him in our heart.

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