Angels and Demons – Biblical Perspective

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  • They are created beings. (Neh 9:6)
  • They are not eternal and omniscient.
  • They are endowed with free will.
  • They are  impervious to temptation and sin.
  • The Hebrew word for angel is ‘Mal’ak’ and the Greek word is ‘angelos’, both meaning ‘Messenger’. So in this context, an Angel is described as a messenger of God.
  • In popular culture, Angels are always portrayed as winged creature. But in the Bible, only ‘Cherubim’ and ‘Seraphim’ are identified as winged creatures. (Isa 6:2-4, Ezk 1:5-6)
  • Within the biblical texts, angels appeared as men most of the time.
  • Hebrew 1:14 represents Angels as ‘ministering spirits’ sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.
  • Jesus Christ received angelic ministry several times. (Mt 4:11, Luke 22:43)
  • They are associated with the final judgment. (Mt 16:27)
  • They are also named ‘Sons of God’, ‘Holy ones’, ‘Heavenly hosts’. (Gen 6:2-4, Ps 89:5, Dan 4:13, Luke 2:13)
  • They worship God (Luke 2:13, Rev 19:1-3)and attend around God’s throne. (Job 1:6, 2:1)
  • They are God’s army. (1 Chron 12:22)


  • They are also regarded as evil spirits, unclean spirits and deceitful spirits.
  • They are fallen angels who joined Satan in his rebellion.
  • They follow Satan.
  • In the Old Testament, there is no reference to individuals who are said to be demonically possessed!
  • People sacrificed children and unclean animals to appease the demon/demons. (Ps 106:37, Deut 32:17). Such demonic practices are strictly prohibited in the Bible. (Deut 18:10-12)
  • In the New Testament, there are several incidents of possession of an individual by evil, demonic spirit.
  • Demon possession caused(as mentioned in the Bible):
    • Muteness (Mat 9:32, 12:22, Mk 9:17,25)
    • Deafness (Mk 9:25)
    • Blindness (Mat 12:22, John 10:21)
    • Convulsions (Mk 1:26, 9:26)
    • Superhuman strength (Mk 5:4)
    • Self destructive behavior (Mat 17:15, Mk 5:5)
    • Unnatural voice (Mk 5:7)
  • The New Testament is very clear about the distinction between physical diseases and demonic possessions. (Mat 4:24, Acts 19:12)Equating demonic possessions as some epilepsy or neurotic ailment is not right.
  • There are many incidents of Jesus casting out demons.
  • Jesus (for most of the time), did not allow demons to speak.
  • Jesus himself was accused of being possessed by a demon. Read more Jesus accused of being possessed by Beelzebub (Prince of Demons)
  • Demons are not atheists:
    • They know God.
    • They knew Jesus and about His divinity even before the disciples could realize it. (Mt 5:13, Luke 4:34)
    • They are well aware of their fate. (Mt 5:7, Luke 4:34)
    • Mark 5:7 “Swear to God, that you would not torture me.”
    • It is possible that they have names. (Mk 5:9)
    • They know who God’s servants are. (Acts 16:16-18)
    • They know the Gospel. (Acts 16:18)
    • “There are no liberal demons, each demon in hell is orthodox, bible believing evangelistic demon.” – John McCarthy

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—Amit Christian (BibleSEO Editor)



  1. Bible SEO says

    Hello Ivy,

    Thank you for your comment. Regarding your comment about “Within biblical texts angels are always appeared as men!”, I meant to say that contrary to the popular culture, the Angels are mostly appeared just like men, and not like winged creatures.

    I however changed the sentence to “Within biblical texts, angels are almost always appeared as men!”, which appears to be more accurate.

    Anyway, Thank you for your encouragement and willingness to mention about ‘BibleSEO’ on your podcast. I look forward to that.


  2. Natasha Bpyd says

    Very interesting area of study for me, I would like to learn more about angels and demons and the authority we have in Christ Jesus.
    Hoping to deapen my walk with the Lord.

  3. Hermie says

    I learned a lot in this site. I’ve also used the topics on our bible study weekly. Thanks. God bless.

  4. okiro peter says

    this web looks to be full of good news about the savior Jesus.expecting to discover more.

  5. Widinata says

    What is the differences between “The Son of God” and “The sons of God (Genesis)? Thank you. God bless u.

  6. Elizabeth Gould says

    I am new on computer. I also am a liscensed Minister with A/G.
    These bible studuies are awesome and so right on. My spirit was soaring as I was reading. Thank you and God bless. I am putting in my favorites.

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    I am the pastor of a Baptist Church in the UK and love your site. I have just visited the Bible study on “angels and demons” and there was an advert for premium astrology! I checked my security settings and have prevented pop ups, but still it appears. I have looked at other Bible studies on your site and it only pops up on the “angels and demons” Bible study. I have not encountered this anywhere else. For your info and action as necessary.

  8. Graham Kerr says

    Your Bible study is so helpful,I use many of your points for my personal study and in lessons i like to keep,thankyou

  9. Mary says

    Thank you so much for studying about Angels and sharing what you have learned. The word of God is so awesome and inspiring and there is a lot more to learn as long as we live and hunger for righteousness. God will pour out His spirit that we will no Him by His Word. “Shalom”

  10. Amit Christian says


    Thank you for the wonderful words of encouragement.

    BibleSEO Editor


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