Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus – Mark 10:46-52

Bible Passage:

Mark 10: 46-52

Background of this healing miracle:
  • Jericho (meaning  ‘Fragrant’) was about 15 miles from Jerusalem. (Jesus at Zacchaeus’ home in Jericho)
  • Jesus was going to Jerusalem for the Jewish feast of Passover.
  • Bartimaeus, this is the one of few places where name of a person who is healed by Jesus is mentioned!
  • Meaning of Bartimaeus:
    • Greek – Honorable man,
    • Hebrew Heir or son of unclean, spiritual blindness.
    • His name possibly can mean the son of blind man. (Son of Timaeus)
  • There was a common belief among Jews that the blindness was a punishment from God for a personal sin, see (John 9:34) Blind man with Pharisees. 


Q. What do we know about blind Bartimaeus?

  • Poor, one of many beggars on the road to Jerusalem, he did not own much, his only possession could be his garment.
  • Dejected, downcast, desperate, and yet bold, persistent, hopeful  in his request for healing to Jesus.

Q. What was his response when he heard about Jesus? What did he know about Jesus?

  • He began to call onto Jesus with a loud voice. He was persistent.
  • He must have heard about Jesus, his miracles, healing, his claims, teachings.
  • He must have believed that Jesus could heal him.

Q. What does a title ‘Son of David’ mean to Jews?

  • It means Promised Messiah, One who was to come from the lineage of King David.
  • See John 7:42, Mat 21:9, Isa 35:5

Q. What was crowd’s response?

  • Twofold, first they rebuked him, and then encouraged him!

Q. What did he do when Jesus called him?

  • He threw his coat, his garment, his only possession, which may come on his way to reaching to Jesus. He was ready to get rid of anything that comes on his way.
  • We may also need to give up our old garment of self-pity or self righteousness, our old self, if we want to come to Jesus.

Q. Why did Jesus ask him a question?

  • It was a very unique feature of Jesus’ ministry. It was to confirm his faith, public proclamation of his trust in Jesus.
  • “What do you want Jesus to do in your life?”

Q. What can we learn from blind Bartimaeus?

  • He showed his faith by actions.
  • He was persistent in his call to Jesus.
  • He followed Jesus his healing.

Life Applications:

  • We all need healing; it can be physical or spiritual. Jesus can heal us, but we need to come to him, put our trust in him.
  • “To see beyond the present is Wisdom, but to see beyond possible is Faith.”


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  1. mary says

    Praise GOD,
    Thank you so much for the lesson’s they have been of much use to me and eye opener,may Almighty GOD use mightily for his Glory always in JESUS NAME.

    Thank you

  2. Helen Dalut says

    The healing of blind Bartimaus is the actualization of John 3:16 and the reality of faith and work.

  3. ANN says

    Bartimaeus in Greek means honored and we see him living a life contrarly to th meaning thus under peoples mercies and i believe thats why he cried to JESUS that He may give him his true even us we should cry to GOD that we may live as children of th king and not of blessed!

  4. Nnenna says

    I prayed to God to heal my dad just like he did to blind Bartimaeus. He did just that. Today is a day I will never forget in my life as the news was broken. Thank you Lord. I love You Lord.

  5. DanKioko says

    What do I want Jesus to do in my life? very strong.
    We all need healing; it can be physical or spiritual. Jesus can heal us, but we need to come to him, put our trust in him.
    “To see beyond the present is Wisdom, but to see beyond possible is Faith.
    God bless you all.

  6. James Run Thawng Lian says

    I’m deeply thankful, for having found your site. We need God’s help always for we are nothing without Him. And also need to walk and live according to His words until He comes.

    Sincerely in Christ,
    James and Amee


    Thank you so so much for this bible study on Mark 10:42
    May GOD keep blessing you and using you.


  8. MERLY D. says

    I am so blessed with the message. May I like be Bartimaeus to see beyond the impossible. God bless all of you.

  9. Larry D. says

    Thank you for this inspiring message. It truly is an eye-opener to many. keep it up. God bless.

  10. Barbara D. C. says

    I am enjoying reading The Bible Study Lessons. The lessons are helping me to understand a lot of questions and answers others ministry have not explain.
    Please keep sending them. I am sharing them with my christian friends and my non-christian friends. My friends really get a lot out of these lessons. Thank God I found this website. Keep up the work in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ. My God contuine to bless your ministry.

    Thank You!
    Barbara D. C.

  11. Gifty Galley says

    I thank God I am able to have access to this site. May his favour be abundant unto us all.

  12. says

    I thank to our Lord that He did hide me your website that can help me in my ministry. so may our God continually use your life and your website for the blessing of many people especially the real christian in this world. thank you very much and may our God bless us all in Jesus mighty name.

  13. Bible SEO says

    Hi Marcelino,

    Thank you so much for the encouragement. It is my prayer that God may use this site to bless many.


  14. Bro harris says

    Thank U great lesson in
    Who Jesus is.

    Thank U.

    May God continue to complete his
    Work in U.


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