Jesus Heals Jairus’ Daughter

Bible Study Passages:

  • Other Passages :Luke 8:40-42, 49-56, Matthew 9:18-26

    1. Office of Ruler of the Synagogue
      • The synagogue was the local Jewish center of worship.
      • The ruler of a synagogue was responsible for administration, building, maintenance, supervision of worship.
      • The rulers of a synagogue had close ties with the Pharisees. So it was quite unusual for Jairus to go to Jesus and fall at his feet for healing of his daughter.
    2. What can we learn from Jairus from this passage? (Mark 5:22,23)
      • He was a ruler of synagogue.
      • He was a humble man. He fell down before Jesus and earnestly pleaded with him for his daughter’s healing.
      • He loved his only daughter.
      • He believed that Jesus could heal his ailing daughter.
    3. What do you think would be Jairus’ state of mind when he heard that his daughter had justpassed away?
      • He would be absolutely broken hearted.
      • There was a huge crowd to see Jesus; he somehow got to meet Jesus. He would have thought, “I could have come earlier, just not in time.”
      • At this time it did not occur to him that Jesus could raise the dead.
      • Jairus and the people around Jesus had just witnessed one of the most extraordinary act of faith and God’s power on display. They saw a miraculous healing of a woman with bleeding issue.
      • Jairus would have been greatly encouraged to witness such a great healing. He would be confident that Jesus could heal his daughter as well. Just then, he heard the news of his daughter’s death. He would have been devastated.
    4. Have you ever experienced God’s power on display followed by a major moment of crisis? What was your response in such situations?
    5. Why did Jesus insist Jairus to keep faith?
      • Jesus affirmed his faith in this time of crisis, saying, (Luke 9:50) “Don’t be afraid, don’t doubt, Just believe.”
      • In order to receive healing, we must first believe that he can heal us.
      • We often feel that God has abandoned us, he is no longer with us. But in such times God continues to encourage and uplift us to have faith. we need to “Just believe. And have faith in Jesus Christ.”
      • The fact that they started heading towards Jairus’ home shows that Jairus agreed to Jesus, He kept the faith.
      • Perhaps, those few moments (steps) would be hardest for him. He now knew that his beloved daughter was dead.
      • He would have many questions, raw emotions, but Jesus was right with him.
      • He held on to the promise of Jesus, that if he believed in Jesus, his daughter will be healed.
      • He hoped against all hope.
    6. What is faith? and why is so important? What kind of discouragements can hinder ourfaith? (Hebrews 11:1,6)
      • Faith is to see beyond the circumstances.

        Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is a confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

        Hebrews 11: 6 “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”

      • Often in our process of healing, we may encounter people, our closest friends, family, who may discourage us, even though they may not mean to.
      • They may have you look at all circumstances. They may show you the impossibility of healing. They may say just don’t bother God, just live with it. They may even laugh at the act of your faith.
      • But Faith is the essential part of healing. It is the simple, childlike faith that Jesus is looking for. Nothing pleases God more than sincere faith. (Hebrew 11:6)
    7. Who were the Wailers? (Jeremiah 9:17-18)
      • They were hired wailers or mourners, mostly women.
      • They were accompanied by flute players and pipers.
      • They would dishevel their hair, sing with shrill screams and loud wailing. They would clap their hands and strike their chest in monotonous melody.
      • In Jeremiah 9:17-18, God calls for the mourning women to cry for Israel.
      • In some eastern cultures, these traditions are still present today. (’Rudaali’ is an Indian movie based on female mourners in the northern part of India.)
    8. Why did Jesus tell the ‘wailers’ to stop wailing?
      • It is interesting that Jesus talked to those who are wailing. He could have avoided that conversation.
      • Perhaps, part of our healing process is to acknowledge it before others. We may believe in our heart but we also have to confess with our mouth to others. This is often difficult because we may be mocked at or laughed at.
      • We are often afraid of acknowledging it to others because we fear, “what if we do not receive healing”?
    9. ‘Asleep not dead’ – What did Jesus mean by that?
      • The fact that verse says, “her spirit returned” means she was indeed physically dead.
      • In these few phrases, Jesus gave a glimpse of Eternity. Death is not the end of all. There is more to it.
      • Jesus brought her back to life. He ‘woke’ her up from her death, saying “child get up.”
    10. Why did Jesus order them not to tell anyone?
      • One obvious reason could be that, he did not want all people to bring their dead to him. His was not just a miracle ministry.
      • Jesus’ ministry was to seek and save the lost.
      • Jesus often instructed the people who received healing not to go out and proclaim to everyone.

      Life Applications and Reflections

      • Jesus has the power to heal any disease, even death.
      • Many people claim that healing miracles are only limited to more of psychological kind of diseases. But Jesus can heal any sickness or disease, if we “just believe in Him, if we put our trust in Him”.
      • Are you suffering with some form of sickness? It is never too late for healing. We need simple, affirming faith in Jesus Christ. And He will bring physical and spiritual healing for our bodies and souls.


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  1. Raton says

    I always feel happy, You know why?
    Because I don’t expect anything from anyone,
    Expectations always hurt..
    Life is short.. So love your life.. Be happy..
    And Keep smiling.. Just Live for yourself and
    Before you speak, Listen
    Before you write, Think
    Before you spend, Earn
    Before you pray, Forgive
    Before you hurt, Feel
    Before you hate, Love
    Before you quit, Try
    Before you die, Live……

  2. Sagaya Devi says

    Dear Brothers and sisters, Praise the LORD! I love to share what JESUS has done for my son Navin, who is 25 years old. 6 months ago he was diagnosed with advanced stage of rare lymphoma. Doctors were very negative about his treatment and survival rate. After completing 4 cycles of chemotheraphy, the doctors found out that there’s no trace of cancer cells in his lymph nodes and they said that it is very strange. IT’s a MIRACLe. Now he has competed 7 cycles of chemo. He has to go 1 more cycles to complete 8 cycles. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD!

  3. esther stevens says

    I thank God for Jesus who died for you and i.
    Pray for the nation that many more will except Christ.


  1. […] Faith in some ways is similar to this experience. When you are in an extreme situation, all your senses would tell you to look for a safer route (to stay in the plane). But you need to trust your Savior and jump in the unknown, believing that He will do the right things at the right time. This can be the most scary, yet the most amazing experience of your life. One that cannot be described, unless you do it yourself. (Also read: Jesus heals Jairus’ daughter) […]

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