Sexuality, Spirituality and Overcoming Sexual Temptations

Spirituality and Sexuality: the whole world is driven by this two fundamental and powerful forces. News, media, TV commercials, internet, everything that we come across in our daily life are influenced by them. So is there any connection between the them? What does bible say about it? This article is an attempt to carefully investigate the relationship between our spirituality and sexuality. It is not an exhaustive study on the topic, but rather more practical approach to it. it addresses following questions:

  1. Is there any connection between spirituality and sexuality according to bible?
  2. How to overcome sexual temptations?
  3. Practical suggestions to overcome sexual temptations

Connection between spirituality and sexuality according to Bible:

  • Man is often called a spiritual being, with spirituality at its center. If one is asked to graphically represent ‘man’, it would be a circle with a ‘spirituality’ at its center. This is true especially in the eastern cultures.
  • But Bible presents ‘Man’ much more like an ellipse! Ellipse had a unique geometrical property of having two centers. Man in the same way, is described as being with two centers – spirituality and sexuality!
  • If one of these centers is disturbed, the other is disturbed as well.
  • According to Bible, spirituality and sexuality are closely knit together.
  • Human sexuality is celebrated in bible. ‘Song of Songs’ is pretty graphic representation of human sexuality.
  • The first of God’s commandment (before any other) was: “Be fruitful and multiply.” (Gen 1:28)
  • After the fall of man, the first thing, Adam and Eve realized was that they were naked. (Gen 3:7)
  • Ephesians 5:22-33 is a classical example of the connection between spirituality and sexuality.
  • In Eph 5:22-31, Paul gives a detailed instructions on relationship between husband and wife. But in v. 32 (Eph 5:32), he suddenly says, “This is a profound mystery—but I am talking about Christ and the church.” Paul here connects the relationship between husband and wife with that of Christ and the church.
  • But if we are to be honest, we all can accept our own personal struggle with sexuality. So, how can we overcome this power of sexuality?

How to overcome sexual temptations:

1. Dispel the illusion of invincibility:

  • Have a healthy respect towards its power!
  • Bible gives two ways of overcome the temptations in general, but we can apply it to sexual temptations.


  • James 4: 7: ” Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”
  • There are times when you need to fight back and resist the temptation. You need to stand firm.


  • 2 Tim 2:22: “Flee the evil desires of youth, and pursue righteousness…”
  • There are times when you need to flee, run away or retreat to escape temptation.
  • Joseph is an excellent example of both of this methods. He tried to resist Potiphar’s wife as much as he could, but when the time came, he chose to flee out rather than resist her. (Gen 39: 6-12) (Joseph in the Bible – character study)
  • I believe that many times, we choose wrong ways, we flee when we need to stand firm, and vice versa.

2. Recognize the Environment:

  • Your environment affects your ability to resist the temptations. If you put yourself in vulnerable environment, you are more prone to fall into it.
  • Think of a situation, when you are alone or traveling away from home. You are more vulnerable because you miss fellowship, you miss restraints, and moral environment of friends, family or church.

Practical Suggestions to overcome sexual temptations:

  • Call your friends, or spouse.
  • Make yourself accountable to your spouse or one of your friends. (You don’t have to share it with everyone!)
  • Join the fellowship at church or some bible study group. Christian life is never meant to live on Sunday only.
  • Keep some books with you to read in your spare time.
  • When traveling, plan ahead to make advance commitments or plan to visit area church. Keep photos of your family.
  • Write down your spiritual goals on a card which you can carry with you.
  • Needless to say, spend time with God daily in Quiet time and prayer.

These are few practical suggestions which can help you overcome sexual temptations. In the end, I would like to conclude with a personal note. I myself am learning as I write this article. And there are times when it seems overwhelming and draining. But we are called to “Fight the good fight of the faith.” (1 Tim 6:12) Above all, I always remember the hope and promise that we have in Christ, whose Grace is sufficient for me, and His power is made perfect in my weakness. (2 Cor 12:9)

Recommended Read:

(Some of the notes in this article is inspired from the teaching of Sundar Krishnan, Senior pastor at Rexdale Alliance Church in Toronto, Canada.)


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—Amit Christian (BibleSEO Editor)



  1. says

    I’m not sure about the interconnection of sexuality and spirituality. But what i like about the post is your list in overcoming “sexuality” or shall i say “lust”. a lot of us including me struggle at times with this issue and i definitely agree with the dispelling the invincibility! Yes! I can’t do it! I can’t win against it. I need to resist. thanks for the reminder! I pray that a lot will read your post! God Bless you more!

    In Christ!

  2. Prasanta Nanda says

    Its a really good article for young generation…hope it would work for all young mass…..

    I wish and pray that may god showering His blessing in your life and you would be blessed. very happy to read your article

    May god be with you

  3. edmund njoroge says

    very educative and help to the old and the young.Your Bible study topics are the best.God bless and may He continue using you for the same and liberate his people from slavery of sin.Thanks.

  4. Anthony says

    I wish you all The strength of Sampson ,in terms of will power, to overcome this beast of sexual temptation. Im a single 28 year old male and it seems constant prayer and scripter reading is the formula for sucsess in the distruction of the devils constant atack. Pleas pray for me and others who are fighting with this beast!
    P.s. thanks for the post!

  5. John says

    Thanks coz this is all i needed as a young person who is being tempted by this “problem” for know it is till marriage.

  6. henry says

    i’m struglling with the spirit of lust and it leads me to porn watching mostly…I try all i can but t ono avail.Am sure its gona work with your help..thanks

  7. Bankole says

    The article is a very good one. Am battling with the same problem but I pray with what i’ve read now may God help me to overcome the temptation. I really want to follow Christ all my life. Thank you God bless you. Your article is helpful

  8. B says

    I think it is important to remember that even thinking about lusting over another woman can be considered sinful. It seems hard to not even think about it at first but like the word says “resist and he will flee.” There is not a lot of direction and support for people that arent married but dating and how they should look and respect sexuality. I think it is very difficult to abstain from sexual activity in respect for the things God built you with.

    God be with us all.


  9. Joseph says

    The fact that we are saved doesnt mean we dont av feelings like anyone else, so hw do we avoid these sexual temptations ?

  10. Thankful says

    Thanks for this article. It’s harder and harder everyday not to screw up and just give in to desires. But thank God for his mercy and grace…we have to continue fighting no matter what the cost..

  11. Abbie says

    Thank you for that…I’m a teenaged girl and though some may think the guy has troubles in this area…so does the girl. I try to follow God with all I possibly can. My boyfriend and I are trying hard to stay pure…Yes, we have…but there are other things that we have not been “able” to withstand. I feel as if there is a separation bewteen God and I…and though I keep falling and getting back up…I’m not done trying. I will resist the devil. I ask that you pray for Cameron (my bf) and I. We really need prayer…We don’t want to make any mistakes, incase we don’t end up marrying one day..Thank you soo much. Please please pray for me.-Abby

  12. peace says

    There is a connection between spirituality and sexuality because the bible says that our body is the temple of the LORD and anybody that would fornicate would sinned against Him and his body. And also, sexuality also draws the HOLY SPIRIT away from us because it makes us not to be pure.

  13. Barry says

    Thank u alot 4 dis article and i pray that God will bless u richly wit more articles 2 write in Jesus name(Amen).

  14. Amar Jeet Singh Sandhu says

    Thank you for kind help. It is a Blessing in the Open. Lots of love to you all.

  15. Amar Jeet Singh Sandhu says

    Prayer — “Give us Understanding for the Right thing to Do.”

  16. Lisa says

    I am glad I found this site…. I save myself until marriage, I have been married 9months now, my husband and I are 32… Its difficult at times for me because I waited so long… I know God is in our life constantly.. The scripture says at times you have to stay away from sex to get close to Hod and then join again so satan tempt you not…. I pray that alot of us can hold out till marriage and if we can’t just do it… If you love that person it should not matter… God created sex, marriage and oneness…. So we ought to try and enjoy it the Godly way…

    God Bless!!!

  17. msrk says

    i hope to see more of these, its really helpful specially with the young one’s…. praise God for a group like these who fear the Lord, whom i ought to join also….

  18. Tracey says

    I have just found this site because i was literally looking for a site that would give me some hope especifically on this topic and thank God i have found it. because i know am not alone. Sometime the devil will make us think we are alone but we’re not God is with us if we believe.

    For the pass few days it has been very difficult for me. I am a young woman of 23 years and single. We must not forget that these sexual urges comes from God in order for us to procreate and to have union with our spouses.

    These urges can be so strong that if we dont trust and depend on God we will do the wrong things and then we have regrets and pain afterwards. So i pray that God will give us strenght to continue in the faith and beleive that we will overcome and will Glorify is Holy name. Amen

  19. Musa says

    Thank God for using you people for His work for us. Infact I need serious prayers in the aspect sex. This menace has been a serious probelm to my life…, please pray for me.

    God bless you.


  20. Nancy says

    Thanks a lot.
    I have been subjected to sexual tempation quite very often. I was indeed trying to overcome this temptation when I encountered your article. This has given me the courage to overcome this temp.

  21. Bill says

    Thanks for the article which I hope will help alot of people with the temptation problem. I deal with it everyday I will continue to study and ask God to rid me of that ugly thinking.

  22. saved-by-the-blood-of-the-LAMB says

    i agree with many points in this article and that we should flee. i would like to remind all my fellow bretheren that sometimes we “fall” into sins we clearly should have avoided. beware of not fleeing, most of us dont flee because deep down we are tryingto see how much we can get away with but that is a wrong mindset. these are not our lives (2 cor 5:14-15) to do as we secretly want, confess before GOD and ask HIM to help you. dont try by your own power share it with HIM it then becomes lighter. be faithful and it will get easier. love you, GOD BLESS (num. 6:24-26)

  23. tj says

    I praise God for your wonderful insight on this very relevant topic. This word has also given me the courage to stand and fight, flee and resist.

  24. Alex Thomas says

    Thanks sir, i may overcome temptation more after reading this ,ellipse husband & wife for sex

  25. Lina says

    Thank u for ur articl.i have really being going though the problem of over coming sexual temptations,most times i want to give in,but today since i hav come across this i will try to apply it and am sure by Gods grace i will overcome.thank you and God bless u.

  26. Bible SEO says

    Hi Lina,

    Praying for you. May you overcome the power of temptation by His Power.

    “2 Cor 12:9 – But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

  27. Nanchie Bitton says

    thanks for your time and knowledge that you can share w/ us.,God bless and more power.

  28. Nanchie Bitton says

    i need your book about overcoming temptation because we have a bible study for the youth of Christ..and im one of the person to deliver these topic to share them.So plz help me ..thanks..

  29. Shaun Jones says

    This article is on point. When I was single. I used to pray and talk to Jesus about sexual temptation. It always seemed that God would not place me in the position to receive sex when I wanted to. I know I have an anointing on my life because when the erdges come I would pray about when are you going to send me my wife because it’s getting herder and harder. Then about two years later he sent me a bueatiful woman that was prophesied to be mine from our pastor. We are blessed to have one another and God don’t make mistakes when you wait faithfully and trusting his will over your life. Keep trusting God and talk with Jesus everyday about everything in your life. Even though he already knows. He still loves to hear it from our lips. Talk as you drive cook clean work and walking as if he is standing there with you. It really helps the faith and the relationship. God bless you all in Jesus name.

  30. Mary says

    thank you so much for BIBLESEO,am learning so much.

    May God keep guiding you to reachout to everyone.


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