Woman with Alabaster Jar and Jesus – Luke 7:36-50

Bible Study Lesson:

Luke 7:36-50:

Q. What can we learn about the woman with the alabaster jar from this passage?

  • Sinner, Lived publicly sinful life
  • Infamous
  • She knew Jesus and wanted to meet him
  • Bold enough to go to Simon the Pharisee’s house without invitation!
  • Repentant about her sinful life
  • (Also check, Jesus and Zacchaeus, the tax collector)

Q. What were the common courtesy, a host has to do in that culture?

  • Washing feet of the guest –  it was hot, dry and dusty land, so it was much part of hospitality to wash guest’s feet for food and lodging.
  • It was custom to welcome guests with a kiss. It was an act of affection and reverence.
  • Kissing feet was also not unusual.
  • People used to kiss Rabbi’s feet. It was a mark of subjection, obedience and reverence.
  • Anointing with fragrant oil was customary and again it was act of courtesy and hospitality. [Read more…]