The Book of Philippians – Overview and Introduction

Bible Study Lesson:

Philippians: Overview and Introduction

  • Paul found the church at Philippe on his second missionary journey. (Acts 16:11-40)
  • The letter to the Philippians is like a ‘Thank You’ letter for the gift sent by the church.
  • Philippian church sent a monetary gift to Paul through Epaphroditus (Phil 4:18) (Bible study on Spiritual Gifts)
  • Epaphroditus fell very sick during his trip, almost up to the point of death. (Phil 2:27)
  • Very personal letter, ‘I’ are used more than 100 times by Paul.
  • Letter was written in about 61 a.d. from Rome in prison.
  • It was the first church planted in Europe.


Philippe – Overview:

  • Roman colony
  • Located in Macedonia, present day Northern Greece
  • Leading city in Macedonia
  • Church constituted mainly of gentiles

Church Background:

  • Paul, Silas, Timothy and Luke visited Philippe on their second missionary journey around A.D. 50. (Acts 16:12)
  • Other religions were not allowed in the city, so Paul and Co. used to go out of the city to preach. (Acts 16:13-15)
  • Lydia was the first believer, she was a business woman.
  • Paul casted out evil spirit from a slave girl who had a spirit of fortune-telling. (Acts 16: 16-18)
  • Paul and Silas were thrown in to prison due to that.
  • The jailer and his household became Christian after series of unusual events. (Acts 16: 27-34)
  • Paul, the citizen of Rome, were then escorted out of prison. (Acts 16:39)

Major Theme of the letter to the Philippians:

  • Rejoice in Suffering
  • Joy, Gospel
  • Jesus Christ – used more than 25 times
  • Church of Philippi was a persecuted church. Phi 1:30 – “Since you are going through the same struggle you saw I had, and now hear that I still have.”

Interesting Facts:

  • Greece – Athens was birth place of Olympics and Running was the first Olympic game. See how Paul uses this analogy to his walk with Christ. (Phil 3:14)

Check out excellent resource on Introduction of Philippians – The Church that Almost wasn’t there from


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  1. Danny Daniels says

    Good morning, I have been in the church all my life. My father was a pastor, I went to bible college. The holy spirit has been deeling with concerning My spirit which is a part of my being. BODY,SOUL AND SPIRIT. Very little is taught about the spirit man and working on his responce to God. Can you help.
    Thank You

  2. Bro.Retchie Abella of Church of Nazarene Talisay City Negros Occ. says

    This sites is a blessings for the young people because I can use it during sundays more Thanks!

  3. Pastor George Varughese,Assembly of God ,Kerala India says

    One of the best out line about the book of Phlipians I ever read.May the Lord help you to spread the content of the whole Bible portion through yours site. Thanks a lot off your service

  4. Rev.simon Njoku says

    I give God the glory for this grace giving to you. We are blessed by all the Bible study and we pray for more grace to write more. Remain blessed as we always uphold you and your team in prayers. God bless you.

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