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New American Standard Bible (NASB) is an English bible translated from original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic scripture. It is revised version of ASV (American Standard Version – 1901). The Lockman Foundation is the translator of NASB bible. The complete revision of Bible was published in 1971. The most recent NASB bible was published in 1995. (Wikipedia) It offers contemporary English grammar and terminology to enable the reader to provide best possible translation of the original text.

NASB is considered most literal and accurate English translation of the original manuscripts. This post provides different NASB resources online, including the NASB bible, various NASB study bibles available.

NASB Study Bibles:

1. Zondervan NASB Study Bible:

Zondervan NASB Study Bible is the most comprehensive, widely used and respected study bible available.

  • It offers over 20,000 study notes
  • 100,000 Center column references
  • Study help guides
  • NASB Bible concordance
  • Bible Maps and time-lines, charts
  • Check out: NASB Zondervan Study Bible – Amazon

Look inside the Zondervan’s NASB Study Bible

2. Ryrie NASB Study Bible:

It offers comprehensive bible study resource for a student of bible, with its 10,000 study notes, books outlines, cross references, bible concordance, topic index. It is a great tool for personal bible study.  The explanatory  notes are much concise so that you don’t get ‘lost in the translation’! The study bible comes with

  • The Moody Library: The Bible Software DVD for pastors, students and leaders, which includes
  • KJV, the Message paraphrazed version
  • Bible commentaries, dictionaries, cross-linked references etc
  • Check out: The Ryrie NASB Study Bible – Amazon

3. Life Application NASB Study Bible:

Life Application Study Bible (NASB) offers great resource for practical life application lessons from the bible. It’s features include,

  • Extensive application notes, for applying bible scriptures to your life
  • Bible characters studies, profiles and lessons from their lives (such as their strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, key verses etc.)
  • In text maps, charts, diagrams
  • Bible dictionary and concordance
  • Bible time lines, overview and introduction of each book of bible
  • Great for personal bible study and applying it to your day to day life.
  • Check out: Life Application Study Bible, NASB – Amazon

4. NASB MacArthur Study Bible:

Authored by well known bible teacher and speaker, Dr. John MacArthur, this study bible offers great resource for deeper study of bible text. It is based on the scholarly work by the author and gives a detailed historical background, meaning and practical application of the biblical text. Its features include

  • Quality in depth bible notes
  • bible concordance of words and phrases
  • Bible charts, maps
  • Bible reading plan
  • Book introductions and outlines etc.
  • Check out: NASB MacArthur Study Bible – Amazon

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