Jesus Clip Art: Collection of Free Clip Art of Jesus Christ

Welcome! This is your “one-stop” place for finding huge collection of Jesus clip art, pictures, images  on different themes and incidents of the books of Bible. Most of these resources provides free access and download to clip art (Please refer to the specific source for using the clip art for commercial purposes). So Enjoy this collection of pictures of Jesus. (These resources are strictly meant for the pictures and clip-art of Jesus only, we do not necessarily endorse other doctrine or materials of the particular site. Use it at your own discretion.)

Jesus Clip Art Collection by Topics and Themes:

Jesus Christ Clip art:

Collection of over 70 Colored pictures, images and clip art of Jesus Christ with children, His life and ministry, His death and resurrection

Jesus clip art Resource:

Black and white pictures of Jesus: portraits, shepherd, Jesus the teacher, Jesus and children, miracles clip arts

Another Resource of Clip arts:

Colored and black & white images of Jesus ministering to people, his portraits, Jesus praying etc.

Nativity and Birth clip art:

Collection of birth  and nativity scene pictures.

Jesus Christ Pictures:

This site offers collection of free colored pictures. (not cliparts)

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(Please share with us, any other useful and free resources and collection of Jesus clip art here. And we will add to the list. Thanks.)

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