Bible Clip Art: Free Collection of Clip-Arts for Church

This post provides an extensive collection of free Bible clip art from variety of online resources. It includes bible images, graphics, clip arts which can be used for different program bulletins, flyers, templates, brochures,  announcements for church events, Sunday School, VBS, Bible study Group etc.  Most of the sites listed here are free for personal use.  (Please refer to individual site’s terms and conditions for using it for commercial and publishing purposes. Resources provided here are strictly meant for clip arts only, we do not necessarily endorse any other materials on these sites.) is a great source for clip art related to christian themes, images etc.  This Bible Cliparts link provides about 35 different free bible clip art. It offers colored bibles, bible as sword of the spirits, bible verses, woman with bible, the bible pictures. has an extensive collection of about 44 bible clip arts in colored and b&w.  It offers various themes such as bible with cross, bible with earth, animated bible, with flowers etc.

This link offers about 30 different clip arts with different themes, such as black and white bible, boy with bible, girl with bible, teen with bible,  bible clip art in different colors.

Another resource for Bible pictures provides about 16 actual bible pictures that can be used for bible study flyers, VBS and other programs. also provides nice collection of bible clip arts which can be here in these links. bible clipart Page 1, Page 2, Page 3, Page 4, Page 5, Page 6. The themes includes family bible reading, studying bible, boy, girl, teens holding bible, bible as a word of god, bible and church, with cross, as a treasure, as a cornerstone, bible study group, as a sword, with many other funny cartoon characters bible clip art. This source is especially useful for clip arts related to VBS, Sunday School or Children programs.

This bible and scroll clipart resource offers about 15 different bible clip arts, mostly in black and white.

Here are  some more miscellaneous free bible clipart resources. Bible books, clip arts for kids.

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  1. I was really blessed with the Zaccheus story. I got a deeper understanding of it. Especially about preparing to meet Jesus and the fact that Jesus did not tell him to give his possessions but he did it out of conviction.

    Thanks and God bless you

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